Monday, March 29, 2010


It's Qingming festival, the Chinese version of All Soul Day. Families will gather at the cemetery to tend their ancestors grave, offer tea and food and pray to the departed loved ones. It's a day of remembrance and pay respect to the ancestors.

So, we were all at my grand father's grave, uncles, aunts and cousins, young and old. We brought grapes, grandfather's favorite, steamed buns, coffee and a lot of other goodies. We burnt joss papers, joss papers accessories like a hat and clothing, hell money and a paper brief case full of more hell money for grandfather. We prayed, and payed our respect.

My cousins and I were talking. We talked a little about grandfather. I told them that he passed away when I was seven. Then I realised that grandfather passed away before they were born. they never met him.

I felt sorry for them, missing out on grandfather. I remembered how excited grandfather got when we watched wrestling matches together. Suddenly I missed him so much. Suddenly I wished I could have more about grandfather to share with them.

Suddenly I got so nostalgic, I felt so old.

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