Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Missed Earth Hour

Earth Hour last night, I totally missed out. I was back home with my folks, watching tv enjoying a quiet weekend night, with the lights on of course. But then, my parents, especially mom, is always very conscious about switching off non-essential, unnecessary lights and other electric appliances. I think we only had the t.v. and a light on, during the Earth Hour.

But then again, Earth Hour is an awareness campaign. I'm aware, and informed too, about environmentalism and conversation. It's part of my daily life. It should be part of our daily life, not just that one hour every year.

Think green. Live green.

These are some of my green efforts to share.
1. Waste no water. Turn off the tap when brushing teeth and doing dishes. Load up fully the washing machine for every wash.

2. Use a handkerchief, instead of tissue and paper towel.

3. Don't print unnecessary in the office. Use unwanted prints for drafting papers.

4. Turn down the plastic bag offer by the shop when buy some items. God give us hands with fingers and thumbs, use them.

5. Bring my own container for to-go meals order.

More here.

But there's one thing that I'm guilty of. I know it's wrong and bad but I'm still doing it: driving a single occupancy car to work everyday.

Car pool anyone?

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