Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closest To Baking

Almost 2 months here in Africa, I haven't been cooking much, let alone baking. There is an oven in the kitchen but then there are other baking utensils missing and some of the ingredients are hard to come by here. So there you go, that's my excuse.

The only thing I did here closest to baking is French toast. I had made them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's simple and quick, just lightly beat an egg and add milk and sugar. Dip the bread in the mixture and fry it in a knob butter till golden brown on both sides. I poshed mine up (or trying to) by sprinkling sugar on top of the bread and fried the bread to get to sugar caramelized. It adds a bit of smokiness from the charred bits and a wee light crunch on the bite and a tad more sweetness.
It's kind of my little sweet treat, my sweet escape from the monotony here.

I miss baking.

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