Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glimpse of Khartoum

Taking photographs is a big thing here in Khartoum, or generally in Sudan. A big not-to-do thing. The cops will be hot on your tails out of nowhere in no time seeing you shooting buildings or bridges in town. It's deemed as spying and a security threat to the nation. Remember: jail time. Jail time in a Sudanese slammer!

So here are shots I took through a window on a bus going through town.

Sandy shoulder of the road, everywhere.

These earth wares dot along the street, holding water. Drink at your own risk.

There is a constant feel of messiness, disrepair and of course dusty-ness in the air.

Constructions are everywhere, progressing and suspended alike.

Quiet street. Public buses are quite popular here. Reliability and punctuality unknown.

Kharouf (Lamb) grazing in town. Why are they not making a run for freedom? For life?

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