Monday, April 18, 2011

Boxed Up Flavors

When you are living on your own in a foreign land with limited dining out options and challenging to source ingredients and you are servantless and you want your meals quick or basically just being a demanding prick about your food, you try to cook yr meals in batches, big ones. Last weekend, I made a pan of savory sweetness caramelized onions with mushroom in the afternoon and then another pan of kick ass spicy anchovies sambal.

Now that I have them all boxed up in the fridge, I can get them out and use them as sandwich filling, like my no name sandwich, or pizza topping, or simply eat them with white rice, or add some meat or chicken or vegetable for a quick stir fry and then eat them with rice.

Again, I'm a genius!!

The possibilities, endless.

Well until I run out of them.

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