Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's Where I Wanna Be

2 more weeks before I head home for my 20 days off rotation. I think I'm going a little coo coo. In the last few days, everywhere I go, when I catch a sniff of food, especially fried fare, I only smell KFC! Oh how I miss 'em fried chicken with its crispy skin, loaded with sinfully delicious grease and fat. Oh good thing there's an KFC outlet at the airport. I'm so getting my KFC fix right there after I landed.

KFC has always been my numero uno fast food of choice. It's such a picker-upper for me too. I remember slugging through South America back in 2001, stretching my penny each and every step of the way, eating the local rice and beans and depriving myself of indulgence like fast food. I was on the road for close to 6 months already when I got to Santiago, Chile. Particularly at that point, I was not at a very happy place, having a hard time sorting out my returning flight for about one and a half month. Dark clouds over my head. As I was wandering in downtown Santiago, I saw that strikingly cheerful red signboard with that inviting smiley face. Almost like a knee-jerk reflex, I went straight in and chowed down a 2-piece special. Suddenly the gloominess cleared off in a jiffy and it was sunshine everywhere. I was unbelievably happy and gleefully elated!

And today, I got my homebound flight ticket! KFC here I come.


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恩妮 said...

hahahaha, welcome home!