Saturday, July 16, 2011


Plan was laid out to bake last weekend. Ingredients bought and recipe downloaded. I was pretty psyched about it. But then shits happened. Firstly marathon meeting over the weekend (so WTF!). Next, I actually ate almost half of my star ingredient, fresh apricots (hehe). Well next week then!

This time around I double bought the fresh apricots, as well as getting some dried ones, just in case I go on another apricot binge. So this afternoon, I made this fresh apricot cake. It's called Aprikosenkuchen in German. Gingerly the recipe was followed to the t, as I never baked this or tasted this before. No idea on how the batter consistency should be and wandered if the fresh apricots would be exploding mid way baking.
30 minutes into the baking I took a peek. It turned me gleefully happy with the cake puffing up graciously and turning into gloriously golden. And the fragrance of the cake just filled up my kitchen, spilling into the living room. Oh how intoxicating!

The cake was simply delightful. The surface slightly crusty (maybe I over baked it a tad) and the inside wonderfully soft and fluffy and moist from the fresh apricots. The tartness of the apricots balanced nicely with the sweet cake. Holy yumminess!

This one is in the bag. I've got another winner cake in my repertoire, and in my stomach.

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