Thursday, July 07, 2011

Unpleasant Surprise

My friend R told me that she's separated.

Oh my...

Absolutely stunned, I was speechless for a moment. I could still recall vividly I made a trip up north with VR to her wedding 2 years ago.

2 years ago!

Why is marriage in our generation is so fragile? What happens to for better or worse? Are we throwing in the towel too hastily? Are we too weak will to weather the storm? Is commitment such a disposable thing? Is this the peril of fast food culture?

It must not been an easy decision. I can only imagine her struggles before coming down to this, ending her marriage. But then again, why being together if misery replaces happiness in the relationship? What is the point of staying married if the bond and trust and love are no longer there?

My parents are married for about 40 years, and counting. Happily? Honestly I could not remember if they had ever expressed in any way that they are happy together.

Perhaps separation is for the better for both of them.

R, be strong. This too shall pass.

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