Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is Mid Autumn festival. A festival in the Chinese culture commemorating the successful uprising of the Chinese rebels against the Mogul rulers back in the 14th century. Nowadays it is a celebration of family reunion, having dinner together and later in the night enjoying the delicious sweet treat of mooncakes and tea while admiring the moon. The moon is believe to be the roundest and brightest and most beautiful on this night. Kids would be going around the neighborhood carrying lanterns with a variety of shapes and designs and colors.

Mom was asking me about getting mooncakes here in Khartoum when we spoke some weekends ago. I remember telling her that was pretty much impossible. Then, I received a box of moon cakes from a Chinese friend from mainland China, 9 beautifully crafted mooncakes with different filling from normal sweet red bean paste with a salted yolk to the lychee paste and golden dates paste filling, all nicely done up and elegantly packed. Oh, what a treat!

Then I realized it's imported from China. And the Chinese have some seriously doggy processed food, dumpling with card board filling, fake eggs and the list goes on and on.

Damn! To eat or not to eat?

Oh fuck it, I had two already!

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