Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beijing Sweetness

This is Bingtang Hulu (冰糖葫芦), a very popular sweet treat along the Beijing street during the winter time. Traditionally, it is done by dipping skewers of hawthorn in sugar caramel and let that cooled and frozen in the wintery air. Now they also come in other fruits such as grapes, tangerines, strawberries and black dates.

I stumbled upon this Beijing sweetie coming out of the subway station heading to Jingshan Park. I bought a strawberry bingtang hulu. I took a huge chunks of the strawberry with the frozen caramel, it lodged in my throat and almost choked me to death! I guess I've bitten more than I could chew.

But OMG! It was super duper delicious!

Being lethal aside, the sweetness from the caramel balanced nicely with the sourness of the strawberry, shocking my tastebuds with the tangy zing then soothing them with the gentle sweetness. So that's was amazing, so amazing. Then the crunchiness of the frozen caramel contrasted incredibly with the juicy soft texture of the fruit. Yummy!

That near death experience certainly will never deter me from getting more of this lovely sweet treat. Well in fact I can't get enough of it.

I already googled online on how to make them at home!

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