Friday, March 09, 2012

Record Time Fusili

I haven't been cooking for quite sometime. It'd be nice making something new and quick and tasty and warm for dinner for the weekend here in Khartoum. So I made the lazy man meal, pasta! Oh, all done in a record time of 12 minutes!

While the fusilli boiling in the pot and bacon strips frying in the pan, a couple of button mushrooms and garlic were sliced. As the bacons got crispy, out they came from the pan and in the garlic and mushroom sizzling in the rendered bacon fat. Then sprinkle of pepper, dash of OJ and balsamic vinegar added. By then the pasta was drained and ready to be returned into the sauce for a quick swirl and then on to the plate. Crispy bacons roughly chopped and sprinkled over the pasta.

Voila, chow time!

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