Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Chaotic Charm of Zanzibar


The name that automatically evokes the scents and scenes of yester-years on the beautiful archipelago off coast of Tanzania in east Africa with the adventure of a seafaring voyage, the exotic Swahili cultures, the ancient Islamic heritage and her glorious, the spice trade and the not-so-glorious, the slave trade, past. The Zanzibar archipelago is actually consists of several small islands and two big islands, namely Unguja, the main island, which popularly called Zanzibar today and Pemba. 

Centuries ago, the traders from Persia, Arab and India came to Zanzibar to trade with the east African coastal towns and settled at what became Stonetown today. Later there were the Portuguese explorers arriving and ruling the island, followed by the Arabs and the British, all of which leaving behind their legacy to the island and her people, making Stonetown an eclectic and amazing place as she is toda, full of characters. The ancient maze of Stonetown can seem dark, creepy and dilapidated but there are always bursts of colors and textures that turn the chaos into charm.


zhu m said...

such nice pictures. happy new TBC!

YH said...

what a beautiful place! love it!