Monday, January 21, 2013

Vespa Love

Almost every corner you turn in the maze of the old city of Stonetown in Zanzibar, there's always a Vespa parking by the street or hugging a corner or zooming past. And it's mostly Vespa, hardly any other 2-wheeler. This island seems to have this love affair with Vespa. They are everywhere, them cool little Italian scooters. 

Dad used to drive a Vespa when he was young, when he was dating Mom. By the time I showed up dad's Vespa was long gone. I only learnt about his Vespa from the old photographs and stories from Mom. Seeing these on the island reminded me of Dad. 

I want to get a Vespa. I'm going to get a Vespa. Even though I do not have a license for a driving a motorbike.

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