Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Lost and Found

2012 is a year of lost and found.

Now let's see...

I lost my drive for work. Well don't we all? Work was like a dead puddle under the hot African sun, it's going nowhere and worse, evaporating fast.

I lost, or I think I lost, actually I'm pretty sure I lost a friendship I treasure very dearly. Things will not be the same anymore. It hurts.

I lost my sense of adventures too. I hardly explore the unbeaten path. I did not travel to the countries I planned earlier this year. More so, I dread traveling, nervous and anxious (not in a good way) on heading to a new place.

I lost my passion to write. Look at my dwindling post entries here. Pathetic isn't it?

I lost my touch for photography. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures throughout the year. Going around with a DSLR is like hanging a block of brick around my neck. And don't you think taking pictures can be very intrusive and disrespectful sometimes? I shoot with my iPhone more and more, sadly.


I found some old friends, some that I had not kept in touch for almost 20 years. One reunion and Facebook, we are all back together yakking away like the good ol' days.

I found new friendships in Juba, as well as across the 4 corners of the globe. I found them in the least likely places too. But I'm confident we'll be friends forever, those that you don't see for years but you can pick up where you left off when you meet again.

I found my love for baking, and the business of baking. I feel all excited and edgy (in a good way) talking to my baker friend about her venture. I'm giving her a lot of ideas and found myself constantly looking for new ideas for her too.

I found some good books. One particular pleasant surprise was The Revolutionary King, very engrossing. Although I'm yet to finish the book, I begin to appreciate the undying love of the Thai to their King. Oh gosh, I think I'm falling in love for the King too! Head over heels!

I found some charity projects to work on, though the idea came to me pretty late in the game. There were plans for 2012 but they did not come through, mostly because I did not follow through. Projects for 2013 then.

Lost 5 and found 5, that's even steven 2012.

Now 2013, bring it on!

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