Wednesday, May 01, 2013


As you grow older, birthdays just sneak up on you. Before you know it, another year slips by, like any other day. Another year healthier, if not wiser hopefully. Healthier, that's all I hope for. It's a universal fact that as you get older, the body get slower. Let just pray that it's only the body that's getting slower with age, not the mind too. 

Let's face it, I'm no longer a spring chicken, though I'm been discipline with my diet and exercise almost all my adult life, fighting deterioration of the body along with age is indeed a losing battle. I'm getting a bit flabby around the waist, it's easier to pile them load there and it's taking me longer to lose. I'm more susceptible to cold and fatigue. My back ache is recurring. The worst of all, I notice decay in my pearly-whites! Now that's serious business. I'm flossing every night from now on.

Good thing that I'm not losing my mind and my faculty yet, not noticeably so anyway. But my fuse is running shorter and I'm quite emotional nowadays. Is there a correlation of hormonal change with aging, in men? Maybe I'm just having too much on my mind, from work especially. Being busy is one thing but work has been feeling kinda' dead-endish off late and the people that I'm working with now ain't helping much either. Am I'm cocooned myself in this comfort zone for too long? Time to make a career move?

But the money is good! And the holiday is even better! I ain't exactly livin' la vida loca in Juba, not that I ever been or Juba could offer such la vida loca. But with the mullahs I;m making here and the holiday from my work rotation, I can go loco-loco elsewhere should I wish to. It's always good to have options!

That said, I should be grateful to be able to have options, and I am. I'm doing quite a lot better than a lot of my peers. I can chose to enjoy the finer things in life if I want to. Good thing that my sound as a pound Chinese mind is still good to keep me checked and grounded for enjoying the finer things in life cost quite a bit. In fact I'm blessed with the Micheline-star quality food on my plate, the designer clothes on my back and the 9-tier palatial roof over my head. (Allow me to dream a little, it's my birthday after all) More importantly I'm blessed with the love of family and friends.

What more could I ask for?

Actually there can be quite a lot. I can start a list on that, topping with running a marathon, now being move to before I turn 40.

Happy birthday to me.

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