Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Better Tomorrow

Today is one of the darkest day for my people and my country, if not the darkest. The day was started with high hope for change. Sadly it ended spiraling down into an abyss of despair, frustration, disgust and shame. Electoral fraud was rampant, money politics, intimidations, voters' list irregularity, ballot box rigging.  You name it, we got it, and then some!

Democracy is dead.

I'm crying for my people and my country.

I'm praying for better tomorrow.

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zhu m said...

hey boon,

i stayed up till 3 am last night listening for updates on tv, radio and the internet. something was really up last night the numbers keep jumping with each new ballot boxes. however i am more hopeful that malaysians are maturing as citizens, tho a lot more work need to be done to break down mental barriers in the malay community.