Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Good Morning!"

At times, by that I mean most of the times, working and living in Juba can be quite a drag for Juba is a small sleepy town. While Juba is indeed growing rapidly, she has not much to offer, yet. 

As we all know, all work and no play makes Boonsky a dull boy. So I run. I run with the Juba Hash House Harriers every Saturday evening. It's a fun group, made up of mostly the expats in town working for the various NGOs and foreign businesses. We run all over the places, various neighborhoods in town, along the river and villages at the edge of the town.

A group of mostly blonde hair blue eyes fair skin men and women running around town sure attract a lot of attention. The friendly locals always cheer us on, albeit with a perplexed look on there face, probably wondering why are these crazy folks running around town in the late afternoon heat, yelling "On! On!" along the way. 

And then there are the kids, the cutest and craziest bunch. They are such a fun hoot! The shy ones would simply flash a big smile and wave at us from a distance. The brave ones would burst out from their hut or yard to high-five us, wide eye and grinning. They are those making funny faces at us and posing for pictures. Some would even join us for a bit, chasing after us down the street, often running bare footed and half naked, hollering "Kowaja!" (Foreigners!) and greeting us "Hello!" or "Good morning!"

Yes, they yell: "Good morning!" at 5:30 in the evening. Loud and chirpy, with the sunniest and most infectious smiles. 

Oh bless 'em kids!

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