Friday, July 19, 2013

Dumb and Dumber

The infamous sex-bloggers couple back home were charged under the Film Censorship Act, Sedition Act and Penal Code, all stemmed from a picture of them greeting the muslim breaking fast while enjoying bak kut teh that they posted online. Long story short, they are being charged for being stupid.

And the kicker, they were denied bailed.

On what ground?

They are a jobless and penniless (and stupid) couple posing no threat whatsoever to anyone, and anything. This is their first offense. They are certainly not a flight risk. Oh, and have I mentioned that they are stupid?

They are denied bailed.

The stupids being dealt with by the stupids!

I do not condone them publishing that supposedly seditious picture online. But some people are just stupid (I can't stress this enough). 

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