Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Luck South Sudan

The road to nationhood for South Sudan had been a long and arduous one. Two years into the independence, the people are still haunted by the 21 years of civil war. Slowly and gingerly, the South Sudanese are on the path to recovery and reconciliation, but the situation in country remains fragile and volatile. 

There is the looming threat of the collapse of the economy from the shutdown of the oil industry due to the on-going spat with Sudan, contentious claims over the Abyei region, tribal conflicts among her diverse people, rampant corruptions, human violation, worsening humanitarian crisis, widespread poverty and then the latest power struggle within the government that potential could send the country into another downward spiral of violence and conflict. 

And sadly, the list seems endless. The people are still suffering gravely, needlessly.

Haven't they gone through enough? Don't they deserve a better future?

Oh South Sudan, I hope you'll find the strength and wisdom and perseverance and resilience to forge on. Turning back is simply not an option. Not at all!

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