Monday, July 22, 2013


"Run for you dear life!"

It's a scary place out there in the wide open African savannah. Predators like lions or cheetahs are lurking behind the cover of the grass, ever so ready to pounce on their lone unsuspecting prey for a great chow. So, the wildebeests and the zebras are always hanging out together, safety in numbers. They are the best of mates in the vast grassland. 

Apparently they stick together because one has phenomenal sight while the other has incredible hearing. I can't remember who has got which super power. But together they make quite a formidable defensive team, alarming the gang for a life-saving mad dash, should they be the slightest the faintest hint of a threat from the bush.

This is not you scratch my back, I scratch your back. This is you save my life, I save your life.

"Would love to talk more but can't. Gotta run!"

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