Friday, November 02, 2007


Kicking it up a notch this evening for my Friday-run -in-the-park, which I normally do about 6k, I ran 10k.


I clocked 53.53:34, crappy time, a whopping drop from my personal best of 45++. But that was like years ago, 7 to be exact. That was the last time I did a full on 10k-ler.

Now it's more like 10-killer.

Nonetheless, I felt like a million bucks. I was elated and hopeful and optimistic. Perhaps a marathon next? Let's not get ahead of myself now. A couple more 10-killers, then 10-milers, then half marathons, then we THINK about a marathon. Let do it before I turn 40.

Anyway, for the feat this evening, I deserve a pat on my back again.

Rounds of applause for me please.


Celestial_star said...

Ok, I will be the first one who clap for you.........piak piak piak!

Anonymous said...

inform me when you are doing a marathon.