Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seafood Madness

For two consecutive evening, I had a seafood feast for dinner.

On Friday night I headed out with a friend for Thai seafood dinner after hitting the gym. The place came highly recommended. It's a place where the Thai community in town flock to for a taste of their home. All the cooks are Thais and hence it's as authentically Thai as you can get. The rest the Thai restaurants are merely posers. The two of us gorged on three dishes: barbeque squid with a spicy chili dip and sweet peanut dip, steamed fish in spicy lemony soup and stir fried vegetable with bean paste. The food was simple, nothing fancy but homey. The spiciness and the herb infused fragrant of the dishes were unmistakeably Thai. Indeed the food was great.

On Saturday night, after getting our adrenaline fix from white water rafting, my friends and I went to get our crab fix. The selection of crab dishes was dizzying to say the least, over thirty ways of cooking. The nine of us narrowed them down to three: fried crab with vercimmilli, crab with salted egg sauce and butter crab, along with the trimmings. The food was good but fall short of amazing. We cleaned them up pretty good nonetheless, probably all the paddling and sloshing in the water worked up our apetite.

For the two following consecutive morning, I woke up feeling so full.

My cholesterol level must be off the chart now!

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