Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Will Be Back

More CNY outings…

This one I’d definitely like to go back there again. Pantai Sepat with the gentle ocean extending to the horizon, quiet sandy beach stretching for miles, swaying palm trees and casuarinas, wooden houses dotted along far and few in between, narrow trails leading to more secret gardens for people to discover. This is a place with rustic charm in a very simplistic sense. It was very welcoming and comforting, very homey.

Here you can walk around experiencing the life in fishing village more intimately. Here you can run along the beach for a good sweat out or swim in the ocean. Here you can simply grab a book and read the afternoon away under the casuarinas. Here you can lay on the beach soaking up the sun. Here you can look into the blue sky and blue ocean to clear your mind, let the wind blows away your worries. Here you can listen to the waves sweeping upon the shore gently. Here you can be alone, reflecting, soul-searching or enjoying a moment of solitude.

Or you can do what I did, taking a nap in a dilapidated hammock under the trees, snoozing the afternoon away. The ambience, the wind, the sound of the wave, the shade, and the swing of the hammock, were all too conducive for a bit of shut-eye, as I was still recovering from an extended BS session with friends at a mamak stall the previous night.

Well, I'll be back.

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