Saturday, March 14, 2009

Political Farce

When I get lemons, I make lemonade, with a good glug of rum. That's me, always optimistic, always looking at the bright side.

Now, let's look at the sorry state of the country politics. We first learnt of a MP playing Kermit, jumping to the opposition and then jumping back, just a few days later. Next there were more Kermits, three opposition statesmen in the Perak state quit their parties and became pro-National Front government independent statesmen. That led to the state constitutional crisis, with both sides not backing down, both claiming their legitimacy to govern the state. The snowball just gets bigger and bigger. The Perak state Sultan was dragged into the mess. It was brought to the court. Then there was the state legislature convened under a tree. How exciting!

And then there are more. The compromising photographs of a female MP from the opposition were circulated. Another senior wheel chair bound opposition MP was roughed up by a bunch of pro-government supporters right in front of the sacred Parliament building. These are some unprecedented lows of politicking in the country. The whole scene is turning into a royally huge farce. All these are playing out on the press and worse still, on the net, for the whole wide world to see. What an embarrassment?  

Well, is there a silver lining? 

I think there is. With so much exposure, everyone is talking about it. Good or bad, EVERYONE is talking about it. It generated some unprecedented buzz for the country politics among the people, especially the youngsters. This created awareness among them, which in turn would hopefully get them interested, informed, educated and most importantly involved in the country political processes. Better start 'em young.

Told ya, I always see the glass half full, with beer.

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