Sunday, March 29, 2009


The world switched off for an hour last night. It was a simple act which sent out a remarkably strong message: the power of a small change that can make a enormous difference to the environment. It was a good start, to light the candle to instill awareness and hopefully to ignite the will to act for a better and brighter environment for future generations. 

You know, there are more than just switching the lights off for an hour that we all can do. Just for sharing, here are what I do:

1. Bring shopping bags for groceries run. 
2. Use own food container for take-away order to avoid foam container.
3. Buy organic produce.
4. Save water.
5. Recycle cans, bottles, newspaper, card boxes...
6. Turn off the power AND pull out the plug when done charging.
7. Eat less meat. Well I'm trying this one.
8. Switch off the computer AND the monitor at work at the end of the day.
9. Squeeze 2 pages in to 1 and print double sided.
10. Tell friends to do the same. Use force if necessary. Spread the good words.

Now go do your bit for Mother Nature.

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sumwai said...

good efforts, am trying to do more myself too.