Saturday, March 21, 2009


Perhaps I should take up surfing. Imagine the high riding some giant swell and gliding through the big pipe. Now wouldn't that be super awesome? Oh and the surfer chicks. Wink wink!

But hang on, the closest beach from where I’m living now is roughly an hour and a half away, and that the wave is not even surf-able. So what the heck was I thinking?

OK, surfing is out of the question then.

Well, my point is I need to get out more, get out to enjoy the great outdoor, climbing, hiking, camping and swimming in the ocean. (not in the chlorinated pool) After all I do pride myself as an outdoorsman. If not I should have pick up another language course, I’m eyeing on French, or pursuing my rusty and stiff sign language. Maybe volunteering, preferably something environmental related. Frankly, I’m pretty sick of staying home during the weekends, enjoying the weekend morning sipping coffee and flipping magazines.
Life is short. Play hard.

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sumwai said...

sometimes playing hard is very very tiring, hahaha