Friday, May 08, 2009

Dancing Lights

It was a quiet evening. I was lounging on the couch watching DVD on my MacBook. I was lazy. I didn't want to use my brain, so I watched some mindless series. I didn't want to move a muscle, hence the lying down. 

Then, I noticed the setting sun splashed wonderfully warm colors of yellow and orange on my living room wall. I loved the soft lights playing on the wall, bouncing off cheerfully or dancing away gracefully. It was very soothing, captivating, almost hypnotizing, as I simply staring at it for quite awhile. I then dragged my ass off the couch, got my camera, and actually used my brain to organize an interesting composition and releasing the shutter with clicks of my index finger. 


SHOE said...

its good that the simple things in life can awe us so unpredictably.

Boonsky said...

Yeah, I'm easily amused. :o)