Sunday, May 10, 2009

Passion of a Mom

These are passion fruits. I love them to bits, the sweet tangy juicy flesh with crunchy seeds, very refreshing. Then there is the delightful aroma, a floral, sweet and fruity scent. I always take a good whiff of the fruit before cutting it open and scoping them golden juicy flesh into my mouth. I find it very intoxicating.

These were the remaining few from the big bag that mom bought me. She knows how much I love them. So every time I go home she will buy them for me to take them back to KL. Mom used try, emphasis on try, stuffing my bags and my car with vegetables and fruits and meat and fishes and coffee and detergent and this and that, because those were either fresher or cheaper, or both compared to whatever is available to me in KL. I think those live away from home can relate to this easily. But she was not really successful at that in the past. We both know very well why we do what we do.

Now she only gets me passion fruits. She found my weakness and she’s exploiting it, big time!

Ma I love you.


eddy said...

bro... how can i get it in KL??

Boonsky said...

I think I saw them at Cold Storage in KLCC once. I suppose you can get them at any major supermarket.