Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beyonce Is Coming To Town!

Beyonce is coming to town for a concert soon. Everyone is getting excited, including some religious quarters. They are excited, all up in arms to call off the concert, voicing so very strongly their disgust and disapproval of Beyonce's performance and her stage appearance. It is considered too revealing, too sex; insensitive, inappropriate and contracting to our local culture and Oriental values. Our youngsters going to concert would be poisoned by such hideous, despicable acts. So they claimed.

I was pumping iron at the gym this evening. TV screens everywhere in the gym playing Beyounce's music video, Single Ladies.

Oh my God, have you seen that before? I must admit it was my first time catching that. I dropped my workout all together and had my eyes plastered on the TV, gawking and almost drooling. How hot is Beyonce with all those crazy sexy moves! Mmm mmm... Damn! Jay-Z is one lucky bastard.

Then I thought, how accessible and how common a TV is nowadays. Every home has got at least one. Then the gym, mamak stalls, in the bus, shopping malls, airports, TV is everywhere, omnipresent. Basically, everyone is watching TV everywhere. More importantly, everyone is watching Beyonce prancing around in her skimpy outfits shaking her bootie everywhere! So how effective is banning her concert her shield our kids from the supposedly evil of Beyonce?

You tell me.

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