Thursday, October 01, 2009

Juicy Goodness

Mom came for a short stay last week, bringing with her tidal of good news, I mean a huge bag of passion fruits. Seriously, huge bags of them passion fruits.

Normally I'd just cut them open, scope up the tangy sweet juicy goodness and down them straight. It's refreshing having a couple of those babies after dinner. But, somehow I wasn't eating them up fast enough. There were still loads left in the fridge, some heading to rotten-ville. Seriously now, imagine how big a bag mom hauled in.

Then a moment of genius struck! Let's juice them up!

Out came the blender. Loaded the last 7 into the blender, along a couple teaspoons of yogurt, honey and some ice. Then pulsed them for a couple of time before blended them on high speed for a couple of minutes. Strained off the pulp and the seeds. Topped with sliced mint leaves.


7 passion fruits made this tiny glass. I downed it in 2 gulps.


A shot of rum would be nice.

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