Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alone? Lonely?

Coming home to an empty apartment tonight. Dark and quiet.

Mom and dad had gone home this morning after a short stay. Brother, D and the wife also returned to Vietnam this evening. All of them left before I came backd from work.

I made noodles for dinner, the instant kind. I ate alone, silently.

That's quite a typical depiction of a single man living in the city. It's kinda' sad really. Suddenly I'm not used to empty and quiet apartment, and the solitude. There was a sense of uneasiness in the air.

I'm alone.

But am I lonely?


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I am going to be eating alone tonight as well...well going to take myself out and eat alone at a cafe. Peaceful in someways and then one can people watch and catch up on the latest news. Hope all is well at your end...it scares me to see all the devastations from the Tsunami's and earthquakes lately on the other side of the world. My roommate won concert tickets at SAIT so going to check out some kind of folkie band later on this evening. If it doesn't pan out then we'll come home and watch a romantic/comedy/drama movie of some sort. Take care. Always thinking of you!