Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In His Shoes

It was like half an hour before the end of the day on Monday I approached a colleague for some clarifications. The simple conversation, kind of like the morphosis of a butterfly. I said kind of because it started off innocently and plainly like a humble looking lava with a couple of questions. One question led to another one. It then became a intense discussion, which later turned into a heated arguement. None of us were willing to budge. We stood our ground, steadfastly. So instead of turning into a beautiful butterfly, it morphed into an ugly moth.

I remember telling myself:"If I could walk a mile in his shoes, I would understand his perspective better." Cross my heart, I did try. Lord knew I tried. So I knew where he was coming from and where he was heading to. So, on principle I agreed with him, and even ready to compromise. But unfortunately, I did not see him reciprocating. He didn't even want to hear me out.

What's up with these bastards who think they are always right and their way is the only way, and willing to lie and scheme to make their points, refusing to entertain the possibility of an alternative option. What's up with that?

In the end, my querries went unanswered. I remained confused. In addition, it was draining, mentally, with such negative spin to end the day. It killed my Monday night, leaving me unsettled and annoyed.

So what do you do if you are walking a mile in someone else's shoes and that bastard is not willing to walk a mile in yours?

Just take off his shoes, first put on your own pair, then fucking toss away his bloody damn shoes, as far as possible.

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