Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, 4-day long weekend, wasted.

Originally, the plan was meant to be an adventurous weekend, to drive up north to a quaint little eco-homestead, spending a couple days hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach, swimming in the ocean and learning some organic farming. But when I finally managed to get in touch with the owner, the place was already fully booked.

Still, the decision to stay in the city was consciously made. I could do some hiking nearby, log a few more laps in the pool, bake again and run some errands. It would be a somewhat active outdoorsy weekend as well.

Hiking did not pan out as it was a rainy weekend all in all. Of course, I was too lazy to drag myself out of the bed so early in the morning. The rain was just a conveniently lame excuse.

Swimming was out too. I enthusiastically drove to the pool just to find out that it was closed throughout the holiday long weekend. Oh damn! That was Sunday evening, and I realized then it was going to be a long weekend.

So what did I do? I stayed up late. I slept in even later. I cleaned the apartment a bit. I took the recyclables to the collection center. I had my grocery run.

In the end I found myself spending a lot of time fidgeting around the apartment, channel flipping and very sad to say, wishing to go back to work. How pathetic!

Well, I did bake. It was the only adventurous thing I did during the long weekend. I tried out a new recipe, flourless orange cake. But since I don’t recall tasting a flourless cake before, I’m not sure if the cake turned out to be the way it should. Well it’s a tad too moist and it has more of a custardy texture than a cake texture. Probably I put in an orange too many.

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