Saturday, October 03, 2009

Man vs Beast

I think it was Tuesday morning, 7 o'clock. I was inching along in the rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper madness.

Suddenly the sound of siren was heard from afar, approaching from behind. Along the already super congested road, everyone was struggling to make room for that.

It was a motorcade, small one, just 2 cops on bikes, clearing the street, (now here's the kicker in the nuts) for a trailer carrying horses! They must be some really special horses belong to some really big shots.

Still, what the fuck?!

We, the people, were held off in jam-ville for a couple of horses! Now that was something new, wasn't it?

Well, I suppose the 1 Malaysia concept also extends to animals.

Some animal-rights activists, happy now?

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