Friday, April 23, 2010

Creamy Silky Smoothness

Do you know that celery is a negative calorie food? It means that it requires more calorie to digest celery than the caloric value of celery.

Do you know that celery also enhances the release of pheromones in you? It means that you'd smell better and have better luck with the ladies.

Therefore, I love celery. I eat a lot of celery. I eat them raw. I like the crunch. Of course I don't mind the pheromones.

Well apparently not quick enough though. I found a few weeks-old celery growing in the vegetable compartment of my fridge. They needed to go. So I uprooted them, cleaned them, cut them and boiled them up along with a diced potato and a chopped onion in a broth, until they turn soft. After cooling it down a tad, the soup was put in a blender and blended to silky smoothness. Then it was put back on to the heat while adding in some cream to thicken the soup to creamy silky smoothness.

Served with whole wheat toast with cheese and crispy pork rinds and friend sage leaves.

Lunch's ready.

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