Sunday, April 04, 2010

Orgasmic Cocoa

Although I am no calorie counter, I am conscious about what I eat for my meals. After working out regularly in the gym, perhaps eating balanced meals, timely and with the right portion is the second rule I follow religiously to shave any unwanted fat off my body.
Last Friday evening, I bought this chocolate bar to be used later at night for baking. As I got started to bake, I broke off a square of the chocolate for a nibble. It was so good, orgasmically good. The velvety sweetness with a tint of a bitter after taste. Superbly balanced and enticing. It was 62% raw organic cocoa, all the way from Peru.

Why had I not seen this on the shelf while I was traveling in Peru?

I couldn't help myself from eating, I felt like Bridget Jones. I just kept eating and nibbling and chewing and swallowing. I ended up downing the whole thing.

It was 11.00 at night. Well, more laps in the pool over the weekends then.

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