Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Road Trip

Another birthday, another long drive.

Taking a road trip along the old route up north for my birthday long weekend escape. The plan was a quiet weekend at a homestay plus some hiking in the woods and some swimming in the ocean and some photo-snapping along the way.

Over the weekend I went for a couple of hike. The first day was sunny but the hike was tough. It was a solid hour of 45 inclination steep climb. At the top it offered the sweeping view of the harbour and the ocean. But the sun was high and the light was harsh and flat. More importantly, I was sucking so much wind that I couldn't be bothered with taking pictures. Continued on further to the other side of the hill hoping to lead to a quiet beach, but it was the wrong trail.

The second day, armed with all the correct trail information, I set out again. The hike was 32 times easier then the day before. Generally it was a lovely walk in the jungle along the beach. No steep climb! At times I could hear the waves crushing upon the shore walking under the canopy. Finally I got to the beach, long shoreline, silky soft sand and turquoise water. Then the clouds moved in ever so swiftly and it started to rain. Time to jet!

This was the only time I actually took out my camera throughout the whole trip. It was dusk, and the setting sun painted the sky with magnificient firery hues. I remembered missing out on capturing this breathtaking sight the last time I drove through. SoI pulled over to snap a few, and later perched my camera on the milestone to capture a few long exposures light trail shots.

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