Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Weekend

Rainy weekend.

I used to hate it, waking up to a gloomy and wet weekend. It's just no fun cooping up at home during the weekends. I'd miss my lap swim in the pool. The grocery run would turn into such a miserable trip. My laundry would get musky. Arrrgh! I'd turn grumpy, cranky and snappy, ready to bit off anyone's hand or head, if anyone gets close enough.

But now, I love it. I love rainy weekend.

Waking up to a chilly drizzly weekend, I'd just put on my flannel and laze around. Reading, surfing the net, sipping coffee and best of all napping, all morning, or even all day!

I must be getting old, or lazy, or both.

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