Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scary Symptoms

Five months into the year 2010, natural disasters have been wrecking havoc around the world in an unprecedented and catastrophic scale. The raging volcano eruptions in Iceland, Guatemala and Ecuador spewing ashes and turning the sky grey. The violent earthquake in Haiti, Chile, China and Indonesia shattering homes and lives, leaving us agape with the aftermath. The torrent flood in Central European countries such as Poland, Austria and Czech Republic, as well as southeastern Australia, sweeping away lives and livelihood.

Some say that our planet Earth is getting sick. These are the symptoms. Time is ticking away so quickly that it calls for actions right here right now, before it's too late. I'm wondering, if these are just merely symptoms, how would it be when our planet Earth is really coming down sick with something. Can you even begin to imagine?

I don't think I can, and I don't think I want to. I believe neither do you.

So please do our part, no matter how smaller that is, and go green for our only planet Earth.

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