Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Day Will Come

I can't really pin it down to why I'm so looking forward to stay home this weekend, doing my usual weekend routine of baking and pool time and grocery run and laundry and t.v.

I think I am a home body. Or I'm getting old. Or both. Well, that is really not a bad thing, isn't it?

I'm still going full force on my house-hunting mode. There's a condo I really like. In fact I love it. I found myself renovating and decorating the place in my head during the viewing. I saw myself living in that place already. It got all the boxes checked, except the price box. Damn!

Well I strongly believe that the day will come when I get my dream pad. Just hope that the day would come soon.

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恩妮 said...

it will, the day will come soon