Wednesday, June 16, 2010

National Favorite

Nasi lemak, is perhaps one of the most iconic Malaysian food. The spiciness of the sambal nicely balanced by the rich sweetness of the coconut milk infused rice and the refreshing cucumber slices, while the crunch of the fried anchovies and toasted peanuts goes well with the soft firmness of the hard-boiled egg. Such a wonderful combination of taste and texture and fragrance! With all the nutrient groups lumped in, nasi lemak is quite a balanced meal too. It's definitely ranked among the highest, if not the highest favored Malaysian fare. We just love it, and we can have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea-breaks or even supper, in the same day!

So I made nasi lemak last weekend, the whole she-bang. All the way, from the sambal to the fried anchovies and the toasted peanuts. OK, maybe not all the way, I did skipped the coconut milk rice. I started cooking around 6:00 PM and begun eating at 10:00 PM. That was definitely too much work for a meal! (Cleaning up excluded)

Note to self: Just buy them next time.

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