Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend with the Kids

This is Tou. He's a quiet boy but very eager to learn, especially English. And of course his English improves significantly from the last time I saw him in December last year. Way to go Tou!

Her name is Vann Thai. A very sweet, cheerful and helpful little girl. She's always smiling. She was a little ill over the weekend, down with flu. Get well soon.

He is Daro, among the youngest one in the orphanage. He was showing me his new toy. "Tiger, not lion." He told me.

His name is Hongha. He always has a joyful smile on his face. He keeps calling me:"Moon... Moon..." I keep correcting him:"It's Boon." He'd grin happily, and then say: "Moon..."

His name is Chhang. That was not tears on his cheek, he just gulped down a huge glass of soya milk, their weekly sweet treat.

This is Sambo. I took a few shots of him but there wasn't a smile on his face. Showing him his sad face and trying to crack a smile out of him. He did smile for me, then later telling me he had a sore throat. Poor boy.

His name is Dimand. He is a bright and resourceful boy. I saw him making a kite from scrap plastic bags and thin twigs. A quick learner but a wee bit mischievous. Well, boys will be boys.

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