Friday, June 17, 2011

Dauphinoise potatoes.

"What?" I hear ya.

While channel flipping on a late weekend morning, I came across a recipe on this potato dish. In spite of an intimidating name that I can't even pronounce, it was surprisingly simple to make. It tasted even better, creamy and garlicky and comforting. Straight away I sprung into cooking mode.
As this would a test run, I only use 1 medium potato, enough for one anyway. The oven prove dish was generously greased with butter and sprinkled with chopped garlic for the the background flavor. Then the thinly sliced potato was layered on, with seasoning of salt and pepper for each layer. I threw in a pinch of Italian mixed herbs at the last layer, along with grated cheese. For the sauce, it's simply a mix of milk and cream then pour over the spud but not covering it completely. I only used milk as I did not have cream. It was then loaded into a medium heat oven and baked until it bubbled up creamily and the cheese melted into golden brown.

Well my first go at this Dauphinoise potatoes was a tad salty. I think I was a little too heavy-handed in the seasoning, probably not fully awake yet while cooking, after all it was a weekend.

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