Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here in 'Frica land, aside from the locals, I work with a lot of mainland Chinese. L is one of them.

Last week I was away on a week long business trip to Beijing. As I returned to the office on Monday, L came into my office asking me about my trip. Happily, I was blabbing away on how much I enjoyed the Beijing and how amazed I was with her vibrance and energy.

We were then small-talking into weather. To me, going from the over 40 degree Centigrade dry heat and dusty wind in Khartoum to the mid 30s green summery warmth and light haze in Beijing was simply delightful, in fact beyond delightful. L said he couldn't deal with the sticky humid KL air and he would sweat buckets. He would be showering constantly to keep himself fresh. I chuckled hearing that. But he wasn't finished. Confidently and casually, L said:"Here in Khartoum or there in Beijing, the weather is dry and I love it. I don't sweat at all so I don't need to shower everyday. I shower like once every 2 days, (and here came the kicker) sometimes even 3 days!"

Oh! My! God!

Too much information!

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