Friday, June 03, 2011


Suddenly I don't feel like traveling anymore.

It's weird, as one of the reasons I took up my current job and relocated to Africa is simply because I'd get 3 weeks off every 10 weeks I work, such that I can hit the road during that 3 weeks. Being in Africa, imagine the experience of amazing wildlife and exotic tribes and wonderful places and all the crazy things I'd be doing. That would be such a dream! A dream beyond my wildest dream!

I used to enjoy reading up for my trip, preparing the kits and making whatever arrangements. That get me fire up about my trips. Last trip home I picked up a guide book for the eastern African countries. I also forked out a lot of money buying a new DSLR, in anticipating myself roaming around this mysterious continent. But the urge to explore just subsided. The call of adventures silenced. Instead there are lingering doubts of if I still could rough it through. And more importantly if I wanted to. I'm just not into it anymore. I just don't feel like it anymore. For my next 20 days, I just want to fly home and sleep on my own bed.

Damn what the hell is wrong with me? Where is my sense of adventures, my longing for the exciting life traveling on the road? Am I getting old? Is this just the work stress talking? Am I really getting sick of traveling? Am I sick for not wanting to travel? Is this just a phase, like the confusing puberty? Did I just accidently get rid of my traveling bug?

Tell me, where do I catch that bug back again? Or are there drugs that I can take get me addicted to the high of adventures and travel again?

Help me!

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