Sunday, June 26, 2011


Another story on my carrot cake.

I baked another carrot cake in the kitchen. I was slicing the cake as my flat mate, P walked in. P is an uncle-like Indian guy from KL.

"Hey P, want some carrot cake? Please help yourself eh." I said.

"Oh, no thank you." P replied.

Truth be told I was taken aback. "Okay, I guess my carrot cake is not good enough for you then. Oh well, more cake for me. Yay!" I thought. So I stuffed a piece in my mouth and moved to the living room.

Moments later P came towards me with a piece of my carrot cake in his hand. Wait, I thought I heard him said no when I offered him earlier. But then again, good things, no, great things were meant to be shared.

"What's it inside huh? You put carrot in it is it?" P asked me.

Imagine the bewilderment all over my face.

These words just slipped out of my mouth, involuntarily.

"It's a carrot cake, of course it has carrot in it."

And I have this expression written all over my face, involuntarily too.

"Oh God, seriously?! Are you stupid or what?"

Then, awkward silence...

Yeah, I think I had what some people called a verbal diarrhea, and a facial expression diarrhea too.

Maybe he was trying to make small talk.

But still, seriously?

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