Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holiday Breakfast

Waking up early on my last morning on Koh Tunsai (Rabbit Island), off coast Kep in southern Cambodia, I went for a walk and a dip in the ocean, enjoying the morning serenity of this already quiet little island. When I returned, I was starving.

I sat down on the bamboo platform at one of the rustic restaurants along the beach, facing the ocean. I ordered fried rice with crab and 'cafe dakko tek kok' (coffee with condensed milk and ice).

While waiting, I had my eyes on the calm sea. Then I saw the waiter dashing into the sea and picked up 2 baskets. From the basket he fished out a couple of crabs, palm-size, and hurried back into the kitchen.

"My breakfast?" I wondered.

Fried rice with crab at 8.50 in the morning by the sea. That ain't bad at all.

The crabs were shelled, that I must add.

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