Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Man Weekend

3 weeks plus away from home, my place been collecting a not-so-thin veil of dust all over. But after 2 weeks home, I finally got my act together to scrub down the place last weekend. So, I'm looking forward to this weekend, just to stay home, enjoying the spotless room, even walking on the freshly mopped floor feels wonderfully good. The tiled floor is silky smooth and baby-skin soft to the touch of my feet. After the place is thoroughly cleaned, I like just simply sitting in the living room, sipping wine and reading, letting the weekend slips by lazily.

Well maybe I'll also sort out the thousands of photographs from my recent trip and update the tunes on my IPOD and even a bit of baking.

I'm so happy to stay home this weekend.

I think I'm just getting old.

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