Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Need

I need new pair of glasses. My Oakley now is about 4 years old already. The coating on the frame is peeling horribly. The rubber sheaths along the temple arms were so deteriorated from sweat that I removed and binned them like a year ago.

I need a pair of sun glasses. I don’t have one. Come to think of it, I never own a pair. My recent trip on a boat from Battambang to Siem Reap confirmed the paramount importance of owning a pair on the road. Plus I think I’d look really cool with a pair of RayBan aviator.

I need a new pair of speedo. Yes, speedo. I’m an avid swimmer. Swimming is my cardio workout. Swimmers wear speedo when we swim. We do have boardies, but that are for hanging out at the beach or the pool. But when we go to the pool, we don’t hang out there, we swim, so we need speedo. My speedo is falling apart. I need speedo.

I need a new hand phone. I’m currently using a double hand-me-downer: my brother-in-law handed it down to my sister, then my sister handed it down to me. The screen no longer lit up. The screen is crack. The battery is practically dying.

I need a pair of slippers. They've been logging probably thousands of miles over the past 2 years. Furthermore, they had been taking quite a lot of beating during my recent trip to Cambodia. I think they are ready to call it a day any day now.

I need a pair of black shoes, for work. Something simple but formal. I need an alternate to my current brown Geox, which I quite like, the color and design but they are not exactly comfortable and properly made.

So, I need new pair of glasses, I need a pair of sun glasses, I need a new pair of speedo, I need a new hand phone. I need a pair of slippers, I need a pair of black shoes.

I need, I need, I need.

Actually, I need speedo. The rest, they are more like I want.

Oh I know what else I need. I need to clean my apartment!

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needs and wants, always confusing and struggling.