Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tweaking from Cook with Jamie

Browsing through Cook with Jamie that I nicked from my sister, I came across Jamie's proper blokes' sausage fusilli. I tweaked it a bit and cooked it for lunch last weekend.

Browned a couple cloves of crushed garlics and shallots in heated pan with butter. Squeezed half an Italian sausage out of it's skin and into the pan for a bit of mashing and frying, letting the fat from the sausage oozing out. Those were the good stuff, full of flavors. Then added in some sliced mushrooms and halved cherry tomatoes. Seasoned with pepper, worcestershire sauce and cooking wine. Returned the cooked pasta into the pan for a quick toss. I used shell pasta since that was the only thing I had. Seeing the pan was a bit dry (as it was intended to be) as I was about to dish them out, I cracked open a can of beer and poured some in, along with a few dollops of butter to moisten the pasta. More tweaking of Jamie's recipe.

Time to eat!

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